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Economic Prosperity


To equip communities to attract economic prosperity by focusing on the inherent strengths of people, businesses and organizations.


Increase, Elevate, Accelerate


  • Increase Qualified Hires to meet workforce demand
  • Elevate Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Accelerate Community Cohesion


Engage, Implement, Sustain


  • Engage community and industry leadership
  • Implement Strengths-based approach to economic prosperity.
  • Sustain cultural integration via local certified StrengthsGenius™ Facilitators

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Why a Strengths-Based Approach?

  • Focuses on what we do well instead of ‘fixing’ our weaknesses

  • People who play to their strengths are 6x more engaged in life and in work

  • Establishes a common language for individuals, teams, organizations & communities

  • Statistically validated via the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment based on 50+ years of research

  • People are ready to hear what’s right with them!

Celebrating our inaugural Strong Community Champions in TN

West Tennessee

Middle Tennessee

East Tennessee


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