We are very excited to introduce StrengthsGenius™ , an in-depth program of workshops that takes strengths to the next level, leveraging your strengths for success.

StrengthsGenius™  workshops…

  • Orient participants to the strengths-based philosophy of leadership and teams.
  • Facilitate learning and application of individual strengths.
  • Promote mastery of strengths to maximize engagement and performance.

Over 10 million people have taken the Clifton StrengthsFinder™ 2.0 assessment from Gallup to identify their Top 5 natural talents.  Jim Asplund, Gallup researcher states:

Strengths-based organizations experience:

  • 15% less turnover
  • 12.5% increase in productivity
  • 9% greater profitability

Employee Engagement

  • With Strengths Based Leadership 73%
  • Without Strengths Based Leadership 9%

Why Focus On Our Talents?

  • Our talents may be our most important personal and professional assets
  • We have already invested SO much in their development
  • Research shows that people who use their talents are happier and 6X more engaged
  • Talents impact every area of our life: energy level, productivity, and relationships
  • Self Awareness is the foundation for social management

To maximize the value of this powerful tool, we invite you to schedule a StrengthsGenius™ workshop for your organization or team.

StrengthsGenius™  Professional/Team Development Workshop Series:  

  • Unpacking the Power of YOUR Unique Genius
  • Calibrating YOUR Unique Genius for Success
  • Creating and Maintaining a Strengths Based Culture
  • Performance Leadership: Developing Others Through a Focus on Strengths

Take the Assessment

“Picture This and its employees participated in a workshop and the results were nothing short of amazing. It was very exciting to work through this process as a group who works together on a daily basis. Having this opportunity has allowed each of us to work better together as a team. My eyes have been opened to our individual strengths, it has defined them and shown us how to use them both personally and professionally.” 

Matt Fischer, Owner
Picture This